At Stonegate, we prioritise the development of our people and have established highly acclaimed internal training programs. Our programs have enabled many of our people to advance their careers, stepping up to positions of leadership and management within our organisation. We use Albert Einstein as the image for our training programs as he is a symbol of progress and development.

A cartoon Albert Einstein riding a train.

Albert's Theory Of Progression

Albert's Theory of Progression is our front-of-house training program, which offers tailored learning pathways to support your career growth within our business. Through this program, you'll acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry, from mastering barrel changes to overseeing the operations of an entire pub. With each level of the program aligned to progressive roles within the organisation, Albert's Theory of Progression can take you from a Bar Team Member all the way up to an Area Manager, giving you the tools and resources to achieve your career aspirations.

A cartoon Albert Einstein wearing a mask and cape.

Albert's Evolution

Evolution is a comprehensive program designed to equip our chefs with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to excel in their roles and grow both personally and professionally. The Evolution Pathway comprises five distinct levels, each offering valuable insights into our sites and the broader hospitality industry. Levels 2 through 5 of the pathway are structured as apprenticeships, allowing our team members to earn while they learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications in the process.

A cartoon Albert Einstein stood in front of a chalkboard

Albert's Interesting Map to Success

Albert's Interesting Map to Success is all about our Pub Support Teams. This focuses on our leadership programme that is based from Franklin Coveys work on how to be an effective leader, which all of our line managers go through. We also have a variety of different qualifications and apprenticeships that we offer to our teams, to guide them in their chosen career. On top of that, we have a wealth of skills-based masterclasses that give you to tools to improve your day-to-day working life.