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Working at Stonegate Group is full of opportunities and we are passionate about career progression and allowing our people to take that next step!

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With all these pubs and bars to look after, it will not surprise you to know we have an extensive support team that all work together to ensure we run a safe and legal businessSo, if working in a pub is not your thing, we also offer lots of roles that stretch from Finance to HR, from Audit to Marketing, from Property to IT and so much more.  

Moving up the career ladder can sometimes be challenging but Stonegate Group will support you every step of the way – whether it’s paying for your training, allowing studyleave or financing those all-important exams. We have supported hundreds of employees whether it has been helping them move up their career or supporting them whilst taking a completely new career change. We invest in our people because we believe it is all about our staff. Great people make a great business – it is our winning formula. 

Even though our main Head Office is based in Solihull, most of our support roles are field based allowing you the freedom to work in pretty much any area of the country.  With pubs and bars all over the country from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, we need support in every county giving our team the opportunity to work closer to home or the freedom to travel. 

As with all roles in Stonegate Group, we always look for the right person who will fit into our amazing teams and work alongside our company values. 

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